Get the patient reported outcomes your clinic needs.

Collect outcomes remotely, monitor patients progress and build clinical excellence.

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How It Works

Collect basic patient information

Text patients a custom PRO invite

Automate and collect PROs remotely

Know the outcomes


Desktop App

Simply administer the delivery of various PRO assessments to your patients. Any authorized staff member can view the provider dashboard which summarizes and displays the patients outcome scores.

Patient Reported Pain Outcomes

Patients receive a text notification to confirm their identity without the hassle of creating passwords, logins or application downloads. In just 3 minutes or less the patient submits their response to the provider dashboard.

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Technology for Enhanced Outcomes

Automate the process, increase office efficiency and create outcomes campaigns that deliver insights from the first appointment, post-treatment and beyond.

Provider Dashboard - Primary Complaint (square)

Create Your Own Outcomes Database

  • Go beyond the appointment
  • Make it easy to promote your clinics quality of care
  • Stop manually calculating outcomes scores
  • Stop scanning paper assessments

“Having the ability to collect outcomes data on patients in a prospective and ongoing fashion will revolutionize the way that we provide care and help us demonstrate the real value of our interventions. The time is now for patients to have the ability to provide this data to physicians in a rapid, secure and meaningful format which will enable them to make better decisions regarding the care of their patients.”

Dr. Nick Theodore, MD

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