Your patients' neck, back and headache pains.

Collect real-time symptoms before their first visit, check them in instantly, and follow up automatically with our EMR agnostic platform.

How It Works

Send patients a download link

Get all their medical information

Gain patient digital consent at check in

Know the outcomes

Provider Dashboard - Primary Complaint (square)

Desktop App

Keep the front office on track with our desktop application. Any authorized staff member can view the provider dashboard which summarizes and displays the most pertinent patient information.

Patient Reported Pain Outcomes

Patients report their pain when it happens and describe the pain with discrete and quantitative precision. Related symptoms, aggravating and alleviating conditions, and medication usage and efficacy are reported with each pain episode.

Screenshots - Headache Pain

Increase patient preparedness.

Informed offices see a 60% increase in patient preparedness prior to office visits.

Unengaged patients have become an epidemic.

Adults who don't tell health professionals they have drug allergies unless specifically asked
Adults who have never compared a medication they received from a pharmacist against their doctor's order
Medicare patients who usually don't bring a list of questions to doctors' appointments
Americans who don't maintain their own medical record
Monitor - Spine Provider

Engage your patients and run on time with Informed.

  • Reduced no-shows
  • Better clinical intake data
  • Fewer front office tasks
  • No scanning insurance cards or driver’s licenses
  • Fewer phone calls and faxes
  • Increased patient referrals
  • Increased patient satisfaction

See more patients everyday.

Informed patients fill out their intake information 2.5x faster than standard paper forms.