Share your neck, back & headache pain data with your provider

Easily share your personal health information with your healthcare providers using our HIPAA Compliant App

How It Works

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Manage all your personal health information.

With Informed Mindset Medical, you can collect, store and share your Personal Health Information using your mobile phone. Download the application, enter basic information, your symptoms, your medications, and your health history. Store this information securely in the Cloud and share this information with your healthcare provider just by bringing your phone. It's simple, secure, up to date and complete.

Scan to check-in instantly.

With all of your personal health information securely stored for whenever you need it, you can say goodbye to filling out forms. When you arrive at your provider's office, just scan your appointment code at the front desk and wait to be called.

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Save time when everyone is on the same page.

  • Use at any Informed Mindset Medical healthcare provider office
  • No more paper forms
  • No need to arrive early to check-in
  • Enter information once and then only as it changes
  • Give your provider more information about your health and medical history

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